Dallas Credit Repair Company

Premium Credit Counseling & Debt Elimination Services.

Return & Clean Credit Refund Policy:

  • Refund Policy: Client has 5 calendar days to cancel service from date of payment. There are no refunds after the 5 calendar days of payment.
  • Services are considered rendered as per contract agreement after mailing of documentation.
  • Company will work on file until referred to an attorney or full completion of the original invoice items (Fees may be added to new items that appear), client may incur mailing fees, processing fees, new paperwork fees, or court fees(if attorney charges, most cases are taken at no charge). We are not a law firm. We may refer these cases after building a history of disputes, certified mail receipts, photos of mail, to an attorney of company’s choice for violations and deletions by legal action.

Customer Service Contact:

  • Clean Credit Corp
  • sales@clean.credit
  • 1717 McKinney Ave Suite 700, Dallas, TX 75202
  • (214) 765-9103


  • Personal Data Use: Our client’s privacy and personal information security is very important to us and we take the matter very serious as our board of directors has a full time Information Security & Assurance expert as a partner. All client information is securely kept on a secure encrypted server as client’s file is in process.
  • Personal Data We Collect: We use client’s data for completing their file based on their needs with the proper credit bureaus and organizations as required by those organizations. Paperwork with client’s information is mailed through USPS securely and submitted by a partner of the company only, not employees or staff members. We hold our board responsible for customer information security.
  • How We Use Personal Data: We use personal data as needed to submit your case to the proper credit bureaus, creditors, courts, and other 3rd party information organizations to resolve matters in a secure way from beginning to end regarding your credit report. We only use your email to contact you from one of our business emails only and we DO NOT SHARE or SELL your information to anyone for any reason. We also use secure email ports verses Pop3 to ensure all data collected is secure and will not get in the hands of black hat hackers.
  • Reasons We Share Personal Data: We share your personal data ONLY with credit bureaus, creditors, courts, and other 3rd party credit related organizations to remove inaccurate accounts as needed to resolve credit related matters requested by the client legally and affectively. Personal data is only used as required by those parties and not used for any other reason beyond fixing errors on client’s credit report. It is required by our organization to send personal information including but not limited to Drivers License, Social Security Card, Proof of Address, and other related information to credit bureaus, creditors, courts, and other 3rd party organizations to resolve your matter correctly, safely, and efficiently.
  • How to Access & Control Your Personal Data: You may request to remove all information we obtained used to create documentation for you to be completely erased after your case is resolved, however we will not be able to work on the same case again if for some reason it may be required. Client may request removal of their personal information be removed by written request by mail, email, or a phone call. We will confirm deletion by email, once information is deleted we may not be able to help the client in the future concerning the same case. For any reason client may need us to handle the same issue twice if accounts reappear on their credit report or needed by a third party in the future and we have deleted all information, we will not be able to help them in that matter if information is removed on our secure server.
  • Other Important Privacy Information: Client should make sure they are emailing us their personal information such as copies of Drivers License, Social Security Card, and Proof of Address from a secure email and take proper measures to safeguard their personal data as we safeguard theirs.
  • Client also should make sure all correspondence they receive is from an authorized representative from the company and company email ending with Company Domain Example: John.Adams@americanexpress.com
  • Any other email or name combination will not come from us unless verified by us by phone or from 1 of the 2 authorized emails above only.